Bigger Payouts. Competitive Bids. We help people sell their policies for cash.

More ways to sell and get paid. We love what we do and have been helping individuals and advisors sell their existing life insurance policies for cash since 2000.

  • Competitive bidding process is the key to more money

    We make multiple funders compete for your policy, including the ones on TV.  5-20 buyers in our nationwide network review each policy.

  • More choices, more control, more ways to get paid

    Cash out completely, or keep some for beneficiaries? We will get offers for as many of the 6 policy sale programs as possible.

  • Tax-Free sale options available

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  • No pressure, exclusivity contracts or appraisal fees.

    We will never put you through a high pressure offer to sell your policy fast for the bottom dollar. Unlike going direct to a buyer whose business model is based on low-priced policies, our business is structured on getting you the largest offer possible.

  • Expert, confidential guidance. 20 Years in Business.

    Since 2000, American Life Settlements has been dedicated to helping both individuals and financial advisors sell existing life insurance policies. Our customer care is unmatched. You will only speak with experts who are dedicated to guiding you every step of the way.

  • Easier to qualify

    We have helped clients from 32 to 96 with lifespans of 6 months to 23 years.

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