[Announcement] Registered Trademark for American Life Settlements

Announcement: American Life Settlements® Registered Trademark

We are proud to announce that our Life Settlement Brokerage was awarded Registered Trademark #5930168 on December 10, 2019.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office determined that our offerings were sufficiently unique to be categorized as “Financial services, namely, insurance policy brokerage, settlement and loan services.” July 10, 2000, was our service mark’s first use and its first use in commerce.Many exclusive and enforceable rights were conferred to our independent, family-owned business as a result of this Registered Trademark.

Why we moved from selling new life insurance to brokering the sale of old ones.

Our life insurance agency of 1987 added Life Settlements to its menu of services in 1998 after senior insurance clients and referrals asked us to sell one or more of their policies. One of these Insureds was a close friend of many years before business and health problems bankrupted him and his wife. His Life Settlement proceeds prevented their home’s imminent foreclosure and helped rebuild their savings. As a retired Marine Colonel from the Korean Conflict, he celebrated this event by taking me the Marine Corps Birthday Party at the Roudebush VA Medical Center. This was a life-changing emotional experience for me. I returned home with the realization that delivering needed cash to the living was more important and motivational to me than writing up new life policies and delivering death claims.

American Life Settlements was founded, and our first Website was launched with the encouragement of the Colonel and his wife. We phased out the sale of insurance products to focus exclusively on Life and Viatical Settlements. Since then we have helped people from 32 to 93 with lifespans of more than twenty-three years to less than five. Our site features six programs including the Retained Benefit Life Settlement for those who want some cash now and to leave some benefit later. We also assist a variety of licensed professionals in adding Life Settlements to their practice.

Continued growth is forecast.

The Life Settlement Industry looks ahead to solid growth thanks to increasing numbers of people age 65 and older and greater interest by investors in this asset class because it is not correlated with financial markets, commodities, or politics. We are bullish on the Life Settlement Industry’s continued ability to broker policies for much more than cash surrender values, as well as Convertible Term policies.

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Morris Heins, President and Founder